Bracelet -AAA Arfvedsonite - 8mm

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In crystal healing, Arfvedsonite helps you see the light within yourself. It sparks your appreciation for your true nature and allows you to be comfortable in your own body. 

Use Arfvedsonite crystals at your Third Eye Chakra for spiritual growth. Instead of running wild with a thousand ideas, the energies of Arfvedsonite aids in organizing your mind into manageable goals.

Use Arfvedsonite at your Throat Chakra to strengthen your communicative energies. While organizing your thoughts, the stone allows you to effectively communicate your core message to the world. 

Like most black stones, Arfvedsonite is used to remove negative energies. Particularly, the stone is excellent at removing your negative feelings that you feel towards yourself. Use it to crush your own negative thoughts so that you can move on to fresher ideas. 

Comes with informational card. This bracelet measures 7.25 inches and has been strung on Ninja Cord. 

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