Bracelet -Cinnazez Azeztulite - 10mm

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Cinnazez is a stone associated with the Heart & Third eye. Benefits of this stone includes:

* Helps one to quickly raise consciousness

* Open up all psychic abilities rapidly

* Opens one up to love & compassion

* Raises ones vibration fast

* Aids to realize ones own evolutionary growth

* Great for stimulating brain & central nervous system

Comes with informational card.

Azeztulite is stone associated with the Solar Plexus & Crown. Benefits of this stone include:

*Provides very strong, powerful focused energy 

*Cleanses all chakras & removes blockages

* Opens one own personal power & will

* Aids one to move forward on spiritual path

*Raises frequencies to a more positive vibration

* Excellent stone for cellular repair 

Comes with informational card

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