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Cutting Etheric Cords: What It Means & How to Do It

Cutting Etheric Cords: What It Means & How to Do It

You are not just a physical being here on Earth. Every single one of us is an energetic being as well. As such, we all come complete with not just our physical form, but also our soul form and our etheric body.

The etheric body is the name given to the lowest level in the human energetic field or “aura”. This is the part of our aura closest to our physical body which allows us to connect to our higher selves.

Throughout the day, we connect with many other spiritual beings. Every time we connect with something – people, animals, nature, etc. – an energetic exchange takes place. In healthy, loving relationships, there is an even exchange, a flow of give and take between two parties.

The way this energy exchange takes place is through etheric (or energetic) cords. You can imagine these cords as tubes through which energy flows from chakra to chakra. These cords grow thicker and stronger with each meaningful interaction you have. So, the strongest cords are often with spouses, parents, siblings, children, and close friends.

Many times, these cords can become a drain on your physical, spiritual, and emotional energy. You may not understand why, after interacting with certain people, you feel tired, lethargic, foggy, or downright depressed. When your close friends or family are down in their own lives and there is a cord between you, you can do everything right, and your energy will still be drained.

For my teachers, counselors, nurses, and empaths out there, due to your helping nature, you may have many cords at any given time. It’s especially important that you take the time to cut them frequently. Cutting etheric cords does not mean you are diminishing or harming the good parts of your relationships. All it serves to do is remove the unhealthy, fear-based drain of energy from either or both sides.

When you cut the cords in your life, your energy becomes yours again. You may not have noticed the drain on your energy, but you will certainly notice how much energy you gain when you remove them!

Cutting Cords Ritual

You can cut these cords yourself with little effort. It’s all about your intention. If you find that you are not able to cut your energetic cords, you may be experiencing what are known as ‘hooks’. Hooks create a stronger drain of energy from the recipient, who is rarely able to remove the hook from his/her etheric body. Much of the time, these hooks are placed subconsciously, so you can’t really blame the person who has hooked you, but in this case, it is best to visit a professional who is experienced in removing these sort of negative connections.

To begin cutting your cords, find a quiet place where you can meditate and complete this ritual undisturbed. Start by meditating and asking your Spirit Guides and Angels to reveal your cords to you. You may or may not be able to see or feel where your cords are connected and draining energy from you. You do not need to see the cords or know who they are from for this ritual to work effectively.

When you’re ready, call on Archangel Michael or use the power of your intention to cut yourself free from the harmful cords in your life. Michael carries a sword of pure light that is able to cut these negative attachments. Simply call on him and ask him to cut the cords that are draining you or no longer serving your highest good.

Alternatively, you can visualize yourself cutting the cords and even physically wave your hands over your body and aura to “cut” the cords with the sword of light. The most important part here is your intention!

Visualize the cords being cut and falling away from your body. As you do this, reaffirm your intention to remove all fear and negativity-based connections from your etheric body and life. Even if you are not able to visualize the cords being removed, be assured that they are.

When you’re finished with this exercise, you can sage, take a salt bath, or wash your hands in cold water to remove any fragments of these attachments from yourself.

Cords are created when you cling to someone or something out of a fear-based mindset. Going forward, you can prevent these cords from attaching and growing by cultivating a spirit of non-attachment to the people, ideas, opinions, and material objects in your life. Life is all about change and how you react to it!