Deepening Your Practice

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Action with awareness is both the vehicle and the destination in all phases of Babaji's Kriya Yoga. Through it we become aware of That which is aware; which is the one constant underlying all of our thoughts and experiences. Babaji's Kriya Yoga is a means of self-knowledge, of knowing our selves and the truth of our being. It brings action with awareness and a devotional spirit into our practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation, mantras and also into all our thoughts, words, dreams and desires and actions. This sadhana has enormous potential to make us more conscious human beings. It requires the willingness of the body, mind, heart and will, to align with the soul in aspiration of purification and perfection. This book provides detailed instructions, diagrams and photographs in the practice of a particular set of 18 Yoga asanas or postures, known as Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga. The essays and instructions herein enable the practitioner to go beyond the development and health of the physical body, and to transform the practice of yoga asana into a spiritual practice, inducing a higher state of consciousness. Unlike earlier publications related to Hatha Yoga, this volume will show you how to transform your Hatha Yoga practice into a means for Self-Realization. It introduces students to the Five-fold Path of Babaji's Kriya Yoga. This book is dedicated to Yoga students new to Kriya Yoga and also to Initiated students looking to deepen their own practice.

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