Egyptian Musk - Natural Resin Incense

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Place a scoop of incense powder onto your incense burner. Form powder into a cone/pyramid shape, light the top and allow to burn. Relight as necessary. Also add to your favorite resin and incense blends for added fragrance! Resins are obtained from the bark of trees in their natural form. It is burn over lit charcoal for the purpose of aroma uplifting, ritual, and prayers. It purifies the air, creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Other Resin Incense Blends available: Aphrodesia • Benzoin • Buddha Delight • Nag Champa • Cyperus • Dragon’s Blood • Egyptian Musk • Feng Shui • Frankincense • Gum Copal • Kamasutra • Laurel Berry • Myrrh • Patchouli • Sandalwood • Sal Tree • Spikenard • Valerian

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