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Energy Amplified: Crystal Grids 101

Energy Amplified: Crystal Grids 101

Many people are aware of the healing, protective, and channeling abilities of crystals and stones and the power of using them in our every day lives. But did you know that combining crystals in sacred geometric patterns, along with setting specific intentions, can supercharge and boost their abilities significantly?

It’s no secret that crystals carry specific, purposeful energies that affect many different emotions, physical properties, and circumstances. By using crystal grids, you can combine, focus, and amplify those energies to greatly expand their abilities in wonderful and highly effective ways.

Crystal and stone grids come in many shapes and designs, but one of the most commonly used is called the Flower of Life pattern. In sacred geometry, the eight circles used in the Flower of Life pattern symbolize the basis for creation and the beginning of everything. Using this foundation, you are able to create any energy you need with this grid pattern and the crystals of your choice.

Crystal grids are a powerful asset for any spiritual work and once you know what they are all about, you can use your creativity and intuition to create the grids most useful and beneficial for your life.

How do they work?

Crystal grids are extremely simple to put together. You will need a few components:

  • Grid – A pre-printed, hand-drawn, or a board imprinted with the Flower of Life pattern
  • Center stone – The center stone on the board which is used to gather, focus, and amplify the universal life force energy. You can use any stone you like as the focus stone, but it should be one you feel emotionally drawn or connected to. I like to use clear quartz for its amplification properties, but many people use clusters, points, or other tumbled stones as their center stone.
    Additional stones – Based on the specific final purpose of the grid, these are the stones you would use alone for a specific purpose (but are better used in combination with the other stones for the most powerful effect). There are countless combinations of stones to use, but keep in mind that not all crystal energies mesh well together. The best way to find out what works for you is to start simple and try out some combinations that you are drawn to. Trust your intuition!
  • Additional elements – For many intentions, it is helpful to use a photo of the person, place, or object that will be the focus of the grid. On a prosperity or wealth board, it is beneficial to add money, coins, or the objects you are looking to acquire.

There are countless types of grids you can create to serve a variety of purposes. Here are some popular examples of crystal grid patterns to serve specific energies:

  • Love & Romance Grid
  • Meditation Grid
  • Prosperity & Abundance Grid
  • Boost Energy Grid
  • Self-Love Grid
  • Creativity Grid
  • Banish Anxiety Grid
  • Chakra Balancing Grid
  • Physical Comfort Grid
  • Relaxation Grid
  • Positivity Grid
  • Space Clearing Grid

How to start a crystal grid:

Cleanse your stones: Before you begin building your grid pattern, you should cleanse your stones of any residual energy. Stones can pick up energy from a variety of places and you don’t want these unknown energies involved in your grid. There are many ways to cleanse your stones, but some simple options are salt, sage, water, burial, or visualization. You can learn more about these methods in depth here:

Set your intention: You will charge the stones up with your clear intention, so be sure of what it is you would like your grid to help you accomplish. You can set a simple intention for yourself, such as better sleep or relaxation, or you can set a larger intention, such as world peace. Whatever yours is, decide on it and then write it down so you can be reminded of your goal. Then, as you place each stone onto your grid, visualize your intention coming to life or say it out loud.

Set up your grid: Setting up a crystal grid can and should be a very relaxing and positive experience. You can trust your intuition to guide you or you can use templates and examples to get started. First, you will want to decide where in your home or workspace you’d like to place the grid. Next, add your center stone and then work your way outwards, adding the next stones until your grid is complete.

Activate your grid: When your stones are cleansed and charged and your grid is assembled, now it is time to activate it! If you know Reiki, you can use this energy to activate the crystal energies. You can also take a crystal point or your pointed finger to trace a path from the center stone to the other crystals and back. Keep your intention at the top of your mind during this process to ensure the grid is activated and charged up for your specific purpose!

Next steps:

Once your crystal grid is set up and activated, you should leave it for a set amount of time (24 hours at the bare minimum). Once a week or so, cleanse your crystals and re-charge them with your intention. When you are ready to deactivate your grid, simple take it apart and cleanse your stones and board before beginning again.

Crystals, stones, and rocks hold amazing abilities that, when used in combination, become even more powerful. The potential for crystal grids is limitless! Have fun experimenting with grids of your own!