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How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

Crystals, stones, and rocks can be extremely powerful tools to help you stay grounded, tap into your intuition, or manifest your dreams. It all depends what you intend to use them for! But before you can take full advantage of them, you will want to cleanse and charge them first.

Whether you just picked up some new crystals or you have been using yours for years, it is always a good idea to cleanse them of any residual or negative energies they may have picked up. Crystals, rocks, and stones are able to pick up vibrations from not only you, but other people and environments that you interact with. Just like you clean your home, car, and yourself, you should cleanse your crystals to keep them as positive and effective as possible.

There are several methods you can use to cleanse your crystals, including:

1. Salt: You may have taken a salt bath before to detox and cleanse yourself of negative energies and emotions. Your rocks enjoy the same treatment! Salt is a very effective cleanser when used dry or with water, but it can be a harsh treatment, so be careful with more delicate stones. To use this method, bury your rocks in a bowl full of dry salt overnight (sea salt works best) and then rinse to remove any leftover salt residue. Be sure to throw this salt away as it will have absorbed the negative energies you are trying to get rid of! You can also soak your crystals in a bowl full of salt water for at least one hour and then rinse. Avoid using this method on porous stones or those containing metals (including hematite, lapis lazuli, opal, or pyrite).

2. Sage:Smudging your stones works just as effectively on them as it does your house, pets, and yourself. You can use sage, sweetgrass, or palo santo wood to achieve this method, but a sage stick is probably your easiest bet. To cleanse your stones by smudging, fan the smoke over your crystals with a feather and ask that God, Angels, and your Spirit Guides remove any energy from your stones that does not serve you. This method is ideal for those stones that cannot be soaked in salt water or salt.
3. Water: Water is nature’s finest cleanser and it works wonders for your stones. Just be sure and research first to find out if your rocks can be soaked or rinsed. Stones like selenite are salt-based and will quickly disintegrate if left soaking for long periods. You can use water to cleanse your stones in many different ways. First, you can simply rinse them off. Second, you can leave them for a bath in ocean water, spring water, lake water, or filtered water, whatever is available to you. Water cleansing can be combined with salt cleansing by adding a few tablespoons of sea salt to the water. You can also leave the jar or bowl of water in the sun to add another boost to your cleansing ritual.
4. Burying them: Since crystals come from the Earth, a great way to cleanse them is to leave them with Mother Earth for a while. The burial method is ideal for grounding stones, such as black tourmaline, hematite, red jasper, and more. You can either bury them straight in the dirt or wrap them in a cloth and bury the bundle a few inches down. Try to find an area that has not been tainted by fertilizers or chemicals. Be sure to remember where you buried them so you can find them again! If you do not have access to a yard or a place to bury them, you can also leave them on a plant for a while. Leave them overnight and then rinse to remove any dirt.

5. Visualization: If you are in tune with your higher self, you can use visualization and the power of intention to call upon cleansing white light to clear your crystals. Simply focus on the stone and ask spirit to create a white light, feeling it forming in your body. Then use your hands to direct the light over and through your stones to clear and remove any unwanted energy. Repeat this step until you feel intuitively that they are cleansed. You can also use this white light to clear your own energy. This is the quickest and easiest method for cleansing your stones.

No single method is better than another, so I recommend you use the ones that feel right to you! You can also combine methods as you see fit.

Once you have cleared the unwanted energies from your crystals, you can set your intentions to charge and program them. Putting intention into your rocks activates them and lets them know exactly what you want to use them for, whether it’s healing, meditation, or manifestation!

1. Moonlight/Sunlight: Both sunlight and moonlight are very energizing and can be used to both cleanse and charge your crystals. I like to leave my crystals out in direct moonlight during every full moon, but this method will also work any other night, although not quite as effectively. Sunlight recharges crystals as well. The time it needs to soak in the sun varies from stone to stone, so research each one to see the specifics. You can also use a pendulum or your intuition to check if it is charged enough. Be careful with certain stones such as amethyst, as they will fade in direct sunlight.

2. Other crystals: Some crystals such as quartz and selenite are naturally energizing to other stones. Set your crystals on a large piece of quartz, selenite, amethyst, or carnelian for 24 hours or until they feel energized. You can also use them in a crystal grid or cluster format. Make sure to cleanse your charging crystals when you are finished to keep them clear and effective as well.
3. Physical touch: The easiest and most common method of charging stones is to roll them around in your hands and set your intention. In this way, the crystals absorb your natural energy and become connected to you and your thoughts. Some people do not let others touch their crystals as they are concerned about absorbing their energies, but I just make sure and cleanse them regularly to avoid this.
4. Plants: Not only can you use dirt and plants to cleanse your stones, but to charge them as well. Place your crystals in a live, healthy plant for 24 hours to charge them with vibrant growth energies. The other method would be to bury them for up to 24 hours by themselves or wrapped in a cloth. Be sure to rinse them after using either method to remove any leftover dirt. 

5. Sound/Reiki: Using sound or Reiki are very effective ways to charge your crystals with positive energy. If you practice Reiki, simply focus your energy and hold your hands over the stones you would like to energize. To use sound to charge your crystals, you can use tuning forks if you have them. Each frequency can achieve a different effect in terms of the energy infused into the stone. If you don’t have tuning forks, you can also use a bell, singing bowl, or high-frequency music for the same result.

Depending on how frequently and for what purpose you use your crystals, you will need to cleanse and charge them more often. Try out the different methods to see what works best for you!