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Top 5 Benefits of Mercury Retrograde

Top 5 Benefits of Mercury Retrograde

August 9, 2017 Tips

Well, here we go again! Mercury Retrograde starts tomorrow and lasts for the next three weeks, so this time around, I wanted to focus on what positive benefits we can take advantage of! It’s the perfect time to tap into that right-brain, creative side of yourself and really take a good hard look at all the pieces on your chessboard!

Here’s what we can look forward to:

1. Your creativity will skyrocket: If you’ve been going through a creative dry spell, now is the time to turn that around! This is a great opportunity to learn how to meditate, start that project you’ve been putting off, or make some art! This is also a perfect time to work on your spiritual side, learn something new, pick up those books collecting dust on the shelf, listen to music, and leave the logic in the back seat (for now).

2. Time to remodel, redecorate, review, and organize: Now is the time to set a budget, reevaluate your home, job, or relationship situation – reminder that you don’t want to sign any contracts or make big commitments during Mercury Retrograde, but you CAN start to organize and set goals for when it turns direct again – redecorate, or start a remodeling project! Again, you can harness your creativity and cross some to-dos off your list, win-win!

3. Figure out solutions: As we transition to a new season, take this opportunity to sit down with your problems and come up with the solutions you have been missing. Meditation will be your best tool in this, but be sure to listen to your gut and not your head! If you have been unsure of the next step on your path, it should become much clearer within the next few weeks.

4. People from your past will resurface: This can normally be a downside to Mercury Retrograde, when people from your past start creeping into your present. But this can represent an incomplete lesson in your life that needs finishing, so be grateful for the chance to find closure and lay your past grudges and resentments to rest! This way, you can clear up your mind and life for what is ahead!

5. Find your lost stuff: As your intuition picks up during this time period, you will suddenly know exactly where to look for that lost sweater or family heirloom that has been missing for months or years! Spirit has a way of answering our requests, so just ask and you shall receive!

Remember, until Mercury turns direct again on September 22nd, keep it positive, don’t sweat the small stuff or the negatives, and go with the flow! You’ll be able to get through it with the right attitude, and you may even come out better off than you were before!