AAA Kammererite Sphere

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Balances The Brain, Creates Harmony, Brings Healing & Protection

The frequency of Kammererite connects to the third eye and crown chakras opening and stimulating these chakras so that one is consciously aware of higher dimensional impulses including those directly from one’s soul. As one’s consciousness opens to these higher vibrational frequencies on is able to have a greater understanding of one’s life’s purpose.

This beautiful crystal lets one ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the joy of experiencing the third dimensional reality and the opportunities it offers for one’s spiritual growth and one’s soul’s growth. This is a ‘spiritual awakening’ for many and Kammererite supports one so that one can integrate these higher vibrational frequencies into everyday living.

Meditation with this crystal allows for clarity and insight into one’s spiritual nature so that one has a more enlightened outlook

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