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Our Mission

To provide a positive energy space and an array of products and tools designed to enhance, empower, and enrich your personal growth and spiritual journey.

Kelli knows how important it is to offer products to fit each person’s particular needs. The stones choose you. The pendulums choose you. The lamps choose you.¬†That personalized experience is exactly what sold me, and what I intend on giving to others. She’s made a permanent customer out of me, and she will for you, too!

Sarah L.

I like that when I bought my crystals, stones, sage, pendulums, candles, essential oils, bath salts (seriously I can go on & on…), I was able to also learn about the products I bought, because Kelli teaches classes on how to use them properly. There are so many amazing things¬†you can do with these products when used right!

Sue H.

My whole family is so glad we found this store. I always find what I’m looking for at Kelli’s store when it comes to New Age products! Whenever things are feeling “off” in my home, work life, or relationships, I stop by for some sage, bath salts, or crystals. There is always something new to take home!

Kimberly F.

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