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About Us

Awakenings is the brainchild of Eric Abts and Kelli Miller, two spiritual influencers in the community.

Kelli has been a practicing Psychic and Medium in Elkhorn for the past 5 years, but she began her spiritual journey long before that. During her period of personal and spiritual growth, she was seeking out as many resources as she could get her hands on, or as she calls it: sitting at the buffet table of learning. Kelli came to understand that these resources were scattered far and wide and required hours of searching and visiting various shops to find what she needed.

Eric got catapulted into his spiritual journey in 2012, what many in the new age sphere term an “awakening”. With an adventurous spirit and a hunger for more knowledge, Eric dove into the practices of yoga, sensory deprivation, and Eastern philosophy. He recognized that not all paths have to be the same to reach one’s enlightenment. After meeting Kelli, he also saw the potential for a central hub in the Omaha area and beyond to serve those discovering their own path by providing them with the necessary tools, resources and education. Eric is also a certified gemologist and yoga instructor. 

Thus, Awakenings was born! These two great minds put their ideas into action and, along with their team and feedback from their thousands of social media fans, have hand-selected the best products, books, and tools available.

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