Brandberg Amethyst Scepter - Medium

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AMETHYST BRANDBERG is an excellent crystal for any matters of the heart as it takes you into the transmutation created from the violet flame of unconditional love and divinity center of the universe that brings about profound healing.  Amethyst Brandberg dissolves past-life heartbreak, setting you free to call in your twin flame in the present incarnation, whether as an inner marriage between your masculine and feminine qualities, or as an outer world alliance that totally supports who you are in your fullness and spiritual being. 

Scepter Quartz is a naturally occurring crystal formation where the base of a crystal forms around a central crystal rod.The generating and amplifying of energies directed by Scepter Quartz Crystals allow for focused healing at the point of dis-ease and subsequent dissolution and movement of the blocked energies.

Comes with informational card. 

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