Cacoxenite - Tumbled

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It’s a dynamic and active stone that will expand your consciousness and help you understand that you have the ability to connect with the Spirit whenever you feel the need for it.

Its healing vibrations will also help align your third chakra and surrender your personal will to the divine will.

It will make it easier for you to accept the assistance and guidance that’s needed to move forward in your own life path.

It will guide you on the right path and make you feel the essence of the Creator in the kindness of people and in the beauty of nature.

Cacoxenite is a very regenerative stone. It will reprogram the cells in your body so that they will continuously renew themselves. It will also revitalize the mind.

Cacoxenite will stimulate a higher level of creativity, helping to clear your mind of conventional limitations and ways of thinking.

It will also help bring conventional new ideas and innovations that will improve not only your life but also others’.

Comes with informational card.

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