Witches Finger Quartz - Tumbled

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Witch’s Finger Quartz, in their natural state are some of the most knurled and ugly crystals you will ever see. They received their name because they look like the fingers of the ugly fairy tale witch. But the combination of several minerals, makes them unmistakably powerful.

Witches fingers are a combination of Quartz with Rutile and encrusted with any combination of Mica, Muscovite, Magnetite, Sphalerite, Feldspar, Hematite, Zinnwaldite, and Actinolite.

When you bring a Witches Finger into your life, you will attract new spirit guides and teachers. This stone is your declaration to the universe that you are ready and willing to accept its teachings and guidance.  

This is your declaration to follow your chosen path, and will help you release old attachments and habits. The changes will manifest in your aura, and will attract the right teachers for you at crucial points in your journey. This crystal will help you channel the information, and help you decipher the information and help you apply it to your journey.

This crystal will help you to acknowledge who you are, and eliminate any traits that hinder your growth. It will guide you to the right direction, give you clarity, and create balance and harmony. It will help you release fear from your heart, so you are open to receive information from those around you without being judgmental, or blocking energy flow through fear, which will limit your personal growth. It can help to attract those that will help you develop as a spiritual being within the cosmic consciousness. It will help you to recall your spiritual teachings, and help you intuitively use information from these experiences. It will assist you on your journey while you experience life’s lessons.

 They are excellent for crystal grids for healing and protection. They are also great protection against chaotic energy, and can be placed around a room or house to guard against chaotic energy. In addition, they are excellent for aura shielding. Witches Fingers are also good for meditation, channeling information regarding spiritual growth and attracting spiritual partners to help you down your spiritual path. Physically, they are good for general healing, and healing dis-ease caused by chaotic physical conditions, such as cancer.   

Witches Fingers Quartz instill clear vision and promote making the right choices, allowing you to create balance and harmony within groups. By releasing fear from the heart, you are open to receive information from those around you without being judgmental, or blocking energy flow through fear. They can also be used to attract the correct spiritual partners into your life -those who will help you to grow and develop as a spiritual being, within the cosmic consciousness.

It will assist you in astral travel and dream work, helping you to recall any spiritual teachings you acquire while asleep, and activates your intuition, allowing you to easily assimilate this information. It will lead you to wisdom, and an innate spiritual understanding, assisting you on your life journey.  

Witch Fingers never need clearing and they clear other stones with ease!

They anchor positive energies into the human energy field, assisting you in achieving higher states of spiritual and emotional disconnectedness.

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