Hag Stone/ Witch's Stone

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Hag Stones are also said to be bringers of high psychic powers and heightened intuition. They are excellent for meditation and creative visualization. In old Europe, the Hag Stone is especially used as a favorite talisman by cunning folk to dispel the evil eye.

Hag Stone, Holy Stone, Odin Stone, Faerie Stone; no matter which name you call it, these rare and hard to find beautiful stones are pure Magick! These stones are steeped in Ancient Lore, created by the magnificent and magical forces of Nature over long periods of time in flowing bodies of Water. They have been the main story line in many ancient tales of Folklore around the world. Connected to the power and life giving force of Water, it is no wonder that these beauties poses Magical forces to protect and offer a glimpse into the world between worlds.

Ancient lore tells us that Hag stones poses the power to protect Homes, boats, People and Pets. Hang your Hag Stone above the main entryway of your home to absorb any Negativity that may pass through your threshold. Hang on your head board to ward off Nightmares and restlessness. You can create a protective witch's ladder by knotting 6 hag stones on a single string and hanging it in windows.

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